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about me!


i'm Kellie, baby whisperer, coffee drinker, mum to three gorgeous kids & one of the UK's most experienced newborn photographers. 

I've been photographing newborns for over 12 years, always sticking to my own natural, organic style. I like to focus on the baby to create timeless images that will never date. 

my studio is relaxed & informal, designed with new parents in mind! there is no "to do list" before the session, just get here, have a cuppa & let me do the hard work! Siblings are always welcome in the studio, yeah they can be messy & loud but i've got three of my own, i get, don't worry! 

for as long as i can remember i have adored photography & i have been incredibly lucky to be able to channel that passion into something i love! 

got questions? drop me a message via our contact form, 

see you soon 

K x